The stillness of isolation drops air pollution emissions in London City by fifty eight percent

Looking at how the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown are affecting communities across the globe, it’s absolute that the environment is benefitting wonderfully.

Words by Louis Oliver


he atmospheric observatory of the BT tower monitors the emissions levels between 8 am and 8 pm. The analysis shows a drop of fifty-eight per cent of toxic carbon fumes in the capital when compared to pre-lockdown readings.

While the emissions are temporarily falling because of the coronavirus pandemic, how should we think about eradicating air pollution permanently, when we start to recover?

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It seems that this terrible virus has advanced the importance of outdoor space and our environment into focus. We're all looking forward to the lift of lockdown.

I really hope we'll be able to hold on to some of the new sustainable habits we've discovered during the period on not fall back into the same patterns, the same routines.