Planet and people

Deep down, we all want a healthy planet for today and tomorrow. We're here to surface examples of how we can make small, good choices each day to help us get there and contribute to the longevity of our environment here on earth.

Our purpose is simple

To make sustainability accessible. There are still plenty of barriers to living life sustainably, convenience being the highest. We're trying to remove those barriers. To make sustainability approachable. Approachability for anyone who has a growing interest in the environment, and a desire to be good in ways that aren't demanding. To make sustainability inclusive. Inclusiveness in sustainability enables and draws on the full range of human diversity.

Aligned with the UN’s sustainability goals

Everything we do contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: “Ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns”. Our work is also influenced by goals: 5, 13, 14 and 15.

Our story

We are a few people who do what we can for our planet — but it wasn't always that way. Growing more conscious about the impact we have on our environment around us, we sought to actively eliminate the habits that were not good for us and our planet.

It started with our waste—more specifically—single-use packing from when we buy: our fruit and veg, cereal, toilet paper, cleaning products, toothpaste, chocolate—you get the idea. It was a little hard at first, and it doesn't come without some sacrifices, but we believe that little good, step-by-step can go a long way.

What may seem as small, seemingly insignificant steps build up over time. As a collective journey, we all can do our bit to have a positive impact on our planet, and if enough people join in, we can sustain a healthy planet for us and future generations.